Finally, and after more than a year of conversations and negotiations, we have signed an agreement with Infomanager for the realization of a Joint Venture – Sienz/Infomanager, with the objective of developing, commercializing, and giving exclusive support to Traceability and Packhouse Performance systems in our niche.

Infomanager is a company based in Argentina, which counts among other business units with Infomanager Packhouse (IMP), with which Sienz has been working since its beginnings, first in Chile, and more recently in Spain.

To execute this Joint Venture, Infomanager has established a new company in Colonia, Uruguay Free Trade Zone to which it will transfer its entire fruit business.
IMP as a brand will become Sienz – Infomanager, all developments concerning traceability and Packhouse Performance will be channeled through this new Joint Venture.

Although IMP is currently the majority partner of the new company and will maintain its independence from the management point of view, the idea is to align the strategic plans to walk and grow together and aligned.

We are already working on the formalization of the contractual part, as well as some other strategic and operational details which we will communicate as progress is made.

This new venture is a key step in our strategic development in order to provide increasingly comprehensive solutions to all our customers.

Welcome to Sienz Infomanager!

Sebastián Martínez | CEO Sienz

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