Our team is made up of experienced, highly qualified staff in charge of each of the company’s departments. On a daily basis, we renew our commitment to providing the best products and delivering the best services available in the fruit and vegetable industry.

Production process design and reengineering

Proposed ideas are subjected to comprehensive scrutiny from the various perspectives envisioned(US) by our skilled advisors.

Such ideas may be brought forward by a new process requiring a project draft or a finalized project for the implementation of a novel solution. Ideas can also be aimed at modifying or upgrading an already operating process. All these items are the subject of an in-depth study aimed at determining the degree of feasibility of the proposed idea, the location or site of the industrial facilities, the production and circulation areas, as well as specific equipment and components, in addition to all personnel involved in the process to be developed or modified. The study is focused on the following items:

  • Project feasibility assessment
  • Process reengineering
  • Audits of ancillary services
  • Sizing and definition of specifications for machinery 
  • Definition of post-harvest treatment
  • Definition of packing methods 
  • Process automation

At the end of this stage study, the finalized project is delivered to the customer.

Assistance through commissioning

Once ideas have consolidated, they must be put in practice. Adapting to changes entails the training of personnel aimed at the acquisition of knowledge and skill regarding new equipment and procedures. This process of adaptation can take place simultaneously with the tuning of new equipment and the final adjustment of operating procedures, as required for commissioning.

A highly qualified team of technical staff will be working within your company in order to make the most of this stage of change, modification or installation, encouraging the best possible future development of your business as a whole.

The team will have completed the task they were entrusted with once the parameters set forth in the initial project agreement are met.

Production management

Managing an already operating system allows the analysis of a range of data that ultimately lead to the introduction of improvements or an increase in the efficiency of production processes. Our senior professional staff are sufficiently experienced to successfully carry out such an analysis and propose a range of alternative solutions.

The study covers those aspects associated with the process, from management and personnel training to equipment operation and tuning. The study includes the following items:

  • Assessment of requirements
  • Definition of expectations
  • Plant, operation, process and efficiency surveys
  • Maintenance management
  • Itinerant/travelling operators
  • Definition and advice on management models
  • Monitoring of management indicators


Every member of an organization faces an ever-changing reality requiring new specific skills. This requires periodical training with a view to matching up process needs with the skills of our operational team.

Sienz offers the following specific courses and workshops:

  • Machine operation (operators)
  • Packing operations (operators, packing personnel, supervisors, managers)
  • Post-harvest courses and workshops
  • Advice on certification by international standards

We pursue continuous training as a means of getting to grips with ever-changing needs and newly available technology.